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Kaastad Project 
July 12-13 in Johnson City (Milwaukie)


48310299541 aa5dcff59f zMr. Kaastad is an 89 year-old Korean War Veteran who lives with his wife in their double-wide mobile home in Johnson City, near Milwaukie.  He cares for his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. In spite of this, and several medical conditions of his own; he’s spry, active, and maintains their home very well. 

Last summer we did some minor repairs and painted the exterior of their home.  At that time, we learned that their roof had started leaking and was in very bad shape.  We are returned with a team of extremely studly volunteers to tear-off the old roof, make necessary repairs, and install a brand-new roof donated by our friends at Malarkey Roofing.  They did a fantastic job on Friday and Saturday, and finished at 3:30pm.

Thank you to the Crew and to Malarkey!

Crew Chief: Darrell Kriechbaum
Project Advocate: Linda Owen