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Wodehouse Project
September 13-15 in Newberg 


20180914174605 1Ms. Wodehouse lives with her grown son in a mobile home in Newberg. Her husband passed away about a year ago, and for a variety of reasons she is left without insurance or pension funds.  Between her Social Security checks, and her son’s income, they make ends meet.  About 3-years ago, a pipe behind her walk-in shower burst and the toilet had also been leaking catastrophically, causing siding and flooring damage.  They turned water off to the walk-in shower, and have been sharing the tub/shower in the other bathroom, which is difficult for Ms. Wodehouse to use.  When we arrived, there was a large piece of plywood to keep them from falling through the bathroom floor.  

We partnered with Joyful Servant Lutheran Church in Newberg to do the repairs, led by new Crew Chief Kris Scharfenberger. Also, Johnson Flooring in Newberg donated new bathroom flooring and installation!

Master bathroom shower plumbing repair
Master bathroom flooring demo and rebuild
Replaced siding at master bathroom wall
Replaced exterior trims, caulking, and siding as needed
Yard/tree pruning
Waste removal

It was a fantastic project, and we made a new friend.  Ms. Wodehouse is a very special lady!
Big thanks to the awesome volunteers from Joyful Servant Lutheran Church, to Johnson Flooring, and our Project Leaders:
Crew Chief - Kris Scharfenberger
Site Hosts - Emily Scharfenberger, Sharon Vo
Project Advocate - Shawn Mitchell