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Pereyra Project
July 20 in Beaverton 


IMG8357Mr. Pereyra lives in a 1970's mobile home in central Beaverton.  He bought the home last year “as is,” as part of an estate sale. He’s invested a lot of time & energy removing clutter from the previous owner, and fixing-up the home to the best of his ability.  Unfortunately, the old windows and doors were in pretty bad shape and needed to be replaced with new energy-efficient units, but these upgrades are way out of his ability to afford.  

We partnered with Community Action Weatherization of Washington County and Western Pacific to replace all the windows & doors with brand-new stuff! We look forward to hearing about the difference it will make in noise, keeping it cooler in Summer, and in his Winter heating bill!  We originally scheduled to work for 2 days, but the mighty 8-person crew, led by Crew Chief Ryan Kerner, banged-it-out by 2:30pm on the first day! Big thanks to Ryan, his wife Allie who debuted as a Site Host, and all the volunteers...including the hard-working Mr. Pereyra himself !

Crew Chief: Ryan Kerner
Site Host: Allie Kerner

8 Volunteers donated 55 labor-hours
Community Action Weatherization provided grant funding
Western Pacific donated the windows and doors

Thank you all!