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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your funding come from?

  • As a non-profit corporation, we operate solely upon tax-exempt contributions.  We seek funding from a network of partnering individuals, business, churches, and civic organizations who believe in what we are doing to help people in need.  Tax-deductible donations enable us to offer services at low or no cost.  Financials are ’public record,’ and are kept in a highly organized, updated, and confidential manner, under the oversight of our Board.

Who do you help?
  • Our neighborhoods are full of people who can benefit from a helping hand! Elderly and/or disabled people, low-income families, people facing financial or other life-changing hardships, etc.  We make efforts to “screen” the needs that are presented to us in order to be wise stewards of our time & resources. We spend our time & effort helping those who cannot help themselves and have limited support systems for help.

Is this a religious organization?
  • Catalyst Partnerships is not a religious organization; however, our founders & leaders are followers of Jesus from various church traditions who want to extend His Ministry of Kindness by serving others in this way. Our services are given freely with “no strings attached.”  They are available to all low-income homeowners regardless of religion, race, national origin, sexual orientation, political viewpoint, or any other category that often causes division in our society.  We serve others because we want to share God’s love with our actions.  Public compassion was a main character trait of Jesus and his early followers, especially toward the most vulnerable members of society.  We feel that serving homeowners who need a hand-up with critical repairs is a great way to Build Hope in our world today!  We hope, by meeting the physical needs of peoples' homes, that they will be encouraged emotionally and spiritually as well!