F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions

Where does your funding come from?

  • As a non-profit corporation, we operate solely upon tax-exempt contributions.  We seek funding from a network of partnering individuals, business, churches, and civic organizations who believe in what we are doing to help people in need.  Tax-deductible donations enable us to offer services at low or no cost.  Financials are ’public record,’ and are kept in a highly organized, updated, and confidential manner, under the oversight of our Board.

Who do you help?
  • Our neighborhoods are full of people who can benefit from a helping hand! Elderly and/or disabled people, low-income families, people facing financial or other life-changing hardships, etc. We make efforts to “screen” the needs that are presented to us in order to be wise stewards of our time & resources. We spend our time & effort helping those who cannot help themselves and have limited support systems for help.

Is this a religious organization?
  • No.  Our services are available to all people regardless of religion, race, national origin, political viewpoint, sexual orientation, etc.  We are a public-benefit non-profit corporation that seeks to serve our community with 'no strings attached.'