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Ehler Project
Saturday, June 2 in Beaverton 


IMG7965Ms. Ehler lives in her 1973 ranch-style home with her daughter and two grandchildren.  They are very low-income.  The project was assessed by our partners at Community Action of Washington County, and referred to us for assistance.  There appears to have been infiltration of water into the crawl space from rain and a high water-table, as well as previously repaired plumbing, resulting in standing water under the house for a long period of time.  To make matters worse, crawl space vents had been covered over with landscaping, resulting in loss of ventilation.  This was creating other problems, so we mobilized a brave crew of a dozen people.  Those who worked outside enjoyed a perfect, sunny Spring day of clearing-out & repairing vent wells, and other yard work.  Those unfortunate souls who braved the crawl-space to mitigate the water had quite a different was a very messy and difficult job, and we may have overextended ourselves a bit.  In spite of the challenges, the job got done - we thank God for our awesome volunteers, and that no one got hurt!

Here's a list of what we did:

  • Drained as much water from the crawl space as possible, using rented de-watering pumps
  • Replaced portions of visqueen plastic barrier
  • Installed a sump pump
  • Dug-out around crawl-space vents, and installed foundation wells
  • Cleared-away tree limbs, brush from roof and around house
This was a super difficult project, BIG THANKS AND KUDDOS TO THE CREW!

Crew Chief: Darrell Kriechbaum
Project Advocate: Isaac Federiuk
Site Host: Martha Reeves