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Moore Project
March 15-16 in Beaverton 

IMG1549Ms. Moore, shown here with Catalyst Vetting Agent Mike Haines and Construction Manager Darrell Kriechbaum, lives alone in her Beaverton Condo. She had to stop working in 2013, due to a disability. Her recently deceased dog had used one of the bedrooms to do his business, which resulted in flooring damage and unhealthy fumes...and exacerbated her disability.  Community Action came and installed a mini-split heat pump in this room, to help with her HVAC needs, which had the unintended effect of circulating the fumes throughout the house.  

She finally reached-out to us for help, and we mobilized a team of volunteers to clear-out the affected room of stored items, clean-up the mess, do the necessary repairs, then move all of Ms. Moore’s bedroom furniture into the newly remodeled room with the heat-pump. 

Our Project Advocate, Linda Owen, says: "The flooring project gave Liz a beautiful, clean bedroom for which she was very grateful! 

Words from our Project Advocate, Taft Mitchell, about Ms. Moore:  "Ms. Moore is an intelligent, humorous, late 50’s single woman. She is burdened with disabilities that prevent her from much involvement outside her small home, her two cats, and her two dogs. She thoroughly enjoyed having guests in her home. 
Darrell Kriechbaum was a calm, well prepared, ideal project leader. Martha and Bobbie were well prepared, organized, super site hosts. Linda was the customary advocate par excellence. And, as always, our volunteers were motivated and eager to work. The project in brief was to move lots of furniture and “STUFF,” remove and take away a disgusting, urine-soaked carpet from the master bedroom, expose the sub floor, clean that sub floor and replace the carpet with Bamboo flooring, paint the bedroom, move the bed from another room into the master, move all the furniture into in the right places…then clean up, make the bed, and get all ready for Liz to enjoy.  Our conversations with her were fun and at times very self-revelatory. Sometimes casual, sometimes vulnerable. At the end of the project, when she saw her redone bedroom for the first time, she was very happy, and at the very end, badly wanted us to know that we had changed her life for the better. She was a bit overcome that total strangers would do so much for her."

We had 19 volunteers for this 2-day project

Crew Chief: Darrell Kriechbaum
Project Advocate: Linda Owen and Taft Mitchell
Site Host: Martha Reeves and Bobbie Mitchell