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Catalyst Storage Projects
Month of March at Tigard Christian Church 

You may or may not know this, but Tigard Christian Church has been one of Catalyst NW's primary sponsors for many, many years.  Not only has TCC been one of our long-term generous financial donors, but the Catalyst central office has been located at their campus for about 10-years....absolutely free of rent or utility costs.  THANK YOU SO MUCH, TCC FAMILY!

This year, they have upped-the-ante by allowing us dedicated use of a portion of their storage space.  For the first 12-years of Catalyst's existence, the tool trailer and all resources were stored at founder Shawn Mitchell's home in Beaverton.  Upon the Mitchells' move to Tualatin early this year, TCC freed-up space for us to move-in.  It is such a blessing to have all of our stuff - trailers, resources, and office - all at one location....again, free of charge!

In return, we have agreed to do a few items, which we will be taking care of:

  1. Reorganize TCC's storage building (already done in December 2018)
  2. Install gravel to lower parking area adjacent to storage building
  3. Replace the rickety staircases/landings that provide access to TCC's storage barn
We'll be working on this stuff during weekdays in the month of March.  If you'd like to help with that, please email Darrell at