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Kaastad Project
June 30 in Johnson City (Milwaukie) 


KaastadMr. Kaastad is an 88-year-old Korean War Veteran who lives with his wife in their double-wide mobile home in Johnson City, near Milwaukie.  He cares for his wife, who suffers from Alzheimer's disease. In spite of this, and several medical conditions of his own; he’s spry, active, and maintains their home very well.  The management of his neighborhood was requiring that they do some repairs, and have the home painted.  This was overwhelming on their limited income.  A social worker at OHSU encouraged Mr. Kaastad to contact Catalyst for help.  On Saturday, June 30th, about 15 volunteers came together to give aid to the Kaastads and share God's love all around!

We partnered with Willamette Christian Church for this project, who mobilized a small group of 8 men from the congregation to join us for the project.  They showed up with a professional painter and great resources that got the job done quickly and excellently!  Big thanks to WCC!

Kuddos to Crew Chief Pat Baker, who visited the site a week ahead of time to pressure wash and prep the home for paint; as well as Site Hosts Eric & Yarisa Jaroch, who took care of the volunteers and lended a helping hand.  

Big thanks to the fantastic crew!