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Hayes Project
September 27-28 in Beaverton



Catalyst 1Mr. & Mrs. Hayes contacted us in Spring 2018 for help with their roof. They live in a mobile home in Beaverton, and their roof was in such terrible shape that there were several active leaks. At that time, we were already committed to all of the roof-replacement projects we could handle for the year, so we tarped the roof and promised to come back the following year. Around that time, Mrs. Hayes was diagnosed with cancer, and began treatment. Our hearts went out to the Hayes' in their situation, and we partnered with Malarkey RoofingNvoicepay, and Living Hope Fellowship to get their roof done just in time!

When the tarping crew went to the home to install the tarp in 2018, they said that this was one of the worst roofs they had ever seen, so we knew we had to have dry weather in order to open-up the roof in several places for plywood and framing repairs.  God answered the prayers of many, as the clouds held their rain all during the first day of demolition and rebuilding.  The whole roof was "dried-in" with underlayment 2-hours before the rains came down with force.  Then, the next day, we were once again blessed by good weather while all the shingles went down and volunteers cleaned-up the site.  2-hours after the install, the rains came down again.  

Big thanks to project partners and the fantastic crew of 40 volunteers, led by our awesome leaders Ryan & Todd!


    Crew Chief: Ryan Kerner
    Project Advocate: Todd Everett