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Wilson Project
Oct.17-23 in NE Portland 


IMG5109IMG5125Sedalia and Sandra Wilson are mother and daughter (84 and 55 years of age respectively) living together in northeast Portland. Both women have multiple sclerosis, and are low income. Sandra requires a wheelchair to move around their home. Their home is nearly 60 years old, and the original galvanized-iron water pipes were severely clogged with hard water deposits and rust. As a result only a trickle of hot water reached their bathrooms & kitchen, which made it very challenging to take showers, clean dishes, etc.

Initially, we didn’t think that Catalyst would be able to help with such a large and expensive project that would have to be performed by a properly licensed plumber.  However, we felt that it was very important for us to find a way to help.  Following many months of searching for partners, we finally were connected with project partners Anctil Plumbing and Tigard Christian Church!

  • Anctil Plumbing (from Beaverton) deeply discounting their services to expose and replace all the existing water pipes and associated fixtures throughout the home.  They worked with us to keep costs at a minimum, and were wonderful to work with!
  • Tigard Christian Church awarded a grant of $3,000 toward this project, and also mobilized volunteers to repair the walls & ceilings after the plumbing work was done!

It all turned-out beautifully, and now Sedalia & Sandra have clean running hot & cold water.  Thank you partners & volunteers for all your help!