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Mitchell Project
October 7-8 in Beaverton 


IMG6876Ms. Mitchell is a low-income single-mom of 5...4 of whom are teenagers.  She is a wonderful lady, and they live near the Cedar Hills Crossing shopping area.  It has been a very difficult season for the Mitchell family, as Ms. Mitchell was recently diagnosed with breast cancer and is undergoing therapy.  In addition to this, water from last year's rainy season found its way through some faulty previous roof repairs, and they fought leaks all winter.  

Shawn Mitchell worked with 13 volunteers on Saturday & Sunday, October 7-8, to remove moss from the roof, repair the damaged areas, scrape and repaint the damaged eaves, and do some other minor repairs inside the house.  

We had a great crew of wonderful volunteers, who made a lasting difference for Ms. Mitchell and her kids!