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Allen / Sleeper Painting Project
September 16, 24 in Beaverton                                                               PHOTO ALBUM - CLICK HERE                                                                                                                

IMG4104IMG4525Ms. Allen and Mr. Sleeper live across the street from one another in a mobile home park in Beaverton near Hall & Allen Boulevards.  Both of them are very low-income, live alone and have received notices from the park requiring them to pressure wash & paint their homes.  The homes were built in 1973 and 1967 respectively, and neither had been repainted since their manufacture.  In addition, both of Ms. Allen’s exterior stairs were unsafe and Mr. Sleeper needed help with a plumbing issue and overgrown plants around the home. 

On Friday, September 16, volunteers performed all the necessary repairs, yard work, and pressure washing...then we got rained-out for Saturday the 17th.  

Fortunately, Saturday the 24th was a beautiful day and volunteers were able to take advantage of the weather to paint both homes.


With the help of an experienced painter and a small but dedicated volunteer team, Crew Chiefs Ryan Kerner and Troy Hall were able to join forces to oversee the volunteers so that the work was completed before the Fall rains began.


  • Crew Chiefs: Ryan Kerner, Troy Hall
  • Advocates: Linda Owen, Marcella Parrish & Terri Hall
  • Coordinator: Isaac Federiuk