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Fornos Project
June 26-27 in Hillsboro, OR 


thumbIMG19551024Mr. Fornos is a 60-year old man who owns a small home in Hillsboro that has several health & safety issues.  He works part-time as a Spanish interpreter, and is low income. Mr. Fornos is very handy & responsible around the home, and also takes care of his aging mother who lives with him.  He heard about Catalyst last Summer, when we helped his neighbor Ms. Murphy.  

On June 26-27, 15 volunteers worked in 90-degree weather under the direction of Crew Chief Ryan Kerner and Project Advocate Shey Gladstone.  They had a great time together, and accomplished a tremendous amount of work, donating 130 hours of labor!

Demolished & replaced hazardous back patio deck (12x14 feet, about 18" high) 
Misc. drywall repairs 
Replaced bathroom floor 
Cleaned, sealed, & painted over mold in bathroom ceiling  
installed handrail on front steps
Replaced 2 fence posts
Other minor repairs
Yard work

Great job, Ryan & Shey & Crew!