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Hunt Project
June 4 in Wilsonville, OR

Mikell  GregMs. Hunt is an elderly lady who lives alone in her mobile home in Wilsonville.  She’s a spry 92-year-old…spry like she still mows her own grass, does all her own cooking & cleaning, and drives!  Ms. Hunt has owned her home for 22 years, and it is paid for.  Unfortunately, she has only $750/month to live on.  She has asked Catalyst for help with weatherizing her home in order to reduce her monthly heating bill.  Apparently, during the cold winter months, she keeps her thermostat at 60 but still has a relatively high electric bill.  

We tackled the following projects on Saturday, June 4th, a day of Increditle Heat!:

> Replaced 5 aluminum single-paned windows with new double-paned vinyls and replaced trim inside and outside

> Replaced her old air conditioner with a new, energy efficient model...and relocated it from sitting in a poorly sealed window to a new wall-mounted position

> Replaced her main aluminum entry door, which was warped and leaky, and provided a new doorknob and lockset

> Touched-up painting around new window trim areas

> Lowered her outdoor flag so she could reach it without a ladder

We partnered with Community of Hope Lutheran Church in Wilsonville for this project!
Crew Chief: Darrell Kriechbaum
Project Advocate: Taft Mitchell