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Cleveland Project
March 4, in Beaverton 

Ms. Cleveland is a sweet old lady who lives alone in a Beaverton home.  She filled out a Catalyst application to request repairs she was told she needed in a recent, bogus home inspection.  Project Advocate Bruce Ecker writes:
Mrs. Cleveland retrieved some pictures taken by a company showing some of the "problems" they found as they inspected her home. These "problems" were of minimal concern. My guess is this home inspection was the source of her concerns about her house, and this company was preying on her vulnerability as a senior citizen to drum up some business. All of the "problems" were non-critical and possessed no threat to the overall stability of her home.
Bruce, his wife Bev, and Crew Chief Tom Eubanks spent time showing concern for Ms. Cleveland, repaired a minor leak in one of her roof vents, and reassured her that her home was safe & sound.   Job well done!