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Lively Project
April 26-29 in Beaverton, OR

tnIMG2079Ms. Lively lives in a residential home in Beaverton with her son, daughter, and grandson.  They are low-income, she has Lupus and COPD, and they are all suffering from issues related to mold.  The home was originally covered with LP Siding...and if that doesn't ring a bell, just know that it was a really bad product that was prone to discoloration, rot & mold.  Mrs. Lively literally had fungus mushrooms growing inside and outside her bedroom walls...and could not afford the cost of the necessary repairs.  They super needed our help!
Long-time contractor / Catalyst volunteer Ryan Kerner led this project, along with assistance from Exec. Director Shawn Mitchell.  We replaced all the bad siding in the house, along with some necessary framing & interior drywall repairs.  Also, due to the awesome Summer-like weather and the presence 80-90 eager volunteers, we painted the whole dang house!  It was a great project!  Following is a quote by one of the volunteers:
"We marshaled about 85 volunteers to help a woman with COPD living in a house with rot and mold in the walls. We tore off the siding on one side of the house (2 story), took out the insulation and some dry wall, replaced it all, and painted the entire exterior of the house. She was blown away. We gave her a huge injection of hope."
Kaleo Covenant Church - Provided volunteers and funding for materials
Sonrise Church, Hillsboro - Provided volunteers
Robert Gray Partners - Provided scaffolding
Home Depot, Hillsboro - Provided more scaffolding
Lowe's, Tigard - Donated plywood & insulation