Summer Volunteer Projects!

Browne Project
June 25-27 in Beaverton 


50057862913 b5cfd11925 cMr. Browne's roof is in such bad shape, that his insurance agency was planning to cancel his policy unless he could get it replaced.  Mr. Browne is a low-income senior, a veteran, and is fighting cancer...he was unable to pay a roofing contractor to get it done, and his insurance agent reached out to us in Summer 2019 for help.  We subsequently wrote a promissory letter on his behalf that we would take care of the roof in Summer 2020, and the corporate office honored our request by extending his policy.  

The insurance agent - a long-time partner with Catalyst Network - worked with us to keep Mr. Browne in his home. She and her husband also came and worked their tails off with us all day Thursday.  What a beautiful story of a caring community member motivated by God's love!

We also partnered with our amazing and long-time roofing supplier Malarkey Roofing Products, who donated all the roofing shingles and underlayment for this project.  Thank you Malarkey Roofing!  This drastically reduced our total cost, so that we were able to get this done.

21-volunteers and 3-days later, Mr. Browne has a brand-new roof.  We also did a yard-cleanup and took care of some other critical safety repairs to his fence and back staircase.  It was a fantastic project for a very deserving gentleman.  Thank you to our partners, donors, and volunteers!