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Kepler Project 
July 16-21 in Beaverton, OR


IMG2027The Kepler project was absolutely huge! The 6-day marathon occurred during yet another Summer Heat Wave that saw triple digits on one of the days, and provided a new roof, a complete new paint job, a cleared yard, rebuilt and painted deck and steps, repaired rear fence, repaired and renewed back gate, and a rock solid front railing.  The Keplers' house is now safe and healthy...and boy, does it look better!

Mr. & Mrs. Kepler have lived in their home for 20-years and raised 2 adult children, despite their limitations.  Mr. Kepler suffers a permanent disability, and is unable to work.  Mrs. Kepler is blind but works as a case worker for Independent Living Resources, and is also getting her Doctorate Degree in Public Policy....all with the help of her trusty guide dog "Nisha."  The family is low-income, and we were glad to help them with these significant repairs that were beyond their reach, so that they can enjoy many more years in their home.

62 separate volunteers came to help over the 6 day period, donating a total of 750 labor-hours.  Approximately 3/4 of those volunteers were from Community of Hope Lutheran Church in Wilsonville! Many of the 62 came on multiple days, and a remarkable number came on all 6 days!

Malarkey Roofing generously donated the roofing shingles, ridge, starter shingles and underlayment!  
Oregon Roofers Supply helped with delivery and other materials.
Home Depot donated use of the paint-sprayer rental