Summer Volunteer Projects!

Boyd Project
September 26-28 in Beaverton 


50399101026 d74050cf71 kClient Bio: Mr. Boyd is an 88-year-old military veteran with significant disabilities and little income. Virtually all of his assets were consumed in caring for his wife until her death. He and his son, also disabled and unemployed, are trying to stay in the family home. This home needs a lot of work, as money has not been available for upkeep.

The Boyds have some very generous and loving neighbors, who have been helping with upkeep for several years; but some situations grew beyond their capabilities. This neighborhood group reached-out to Catalyst for help, and actively supported the project physically and financially.  They are called the Highland Helpers.  We were also joined in this project by our partners Malarkey Roofing and Westside - A Jesus Church!  We spent 2-1/2 days stripping & replacing the roof, and doing a load of pruning and debris removal.  Speaking of loads, we took 4 FULL TRAILER LOADS to the dump!  

Kuddos to our partners and volunteers, thank you for working together to change the lives of the Boyds'!