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HomeDepotPalmer Project
July 13-16 in Fairview 

This special project partnership with Home Depot got lots of attention from local news!  Click the links below to see videos of the news coverage from 3 different networks:


PalmerMr. & Mrs. Palmer live in a double-wide mobile home in Fairview.  Mrs. Palmer is in her late 80's, she works as a courier and takes care of Mr. Palmer.  He turns 90 this year, is a veteran, and is finding it more difficult to get around these days.  He walks with the assistance of a walker, and is having more difficulty getting in & out of his home.  We partnered with the Troutdale Home Depot to replace a portion of their existing front deck with a brand-new handicap-access ramp so that Mr. Palmer can continue to enjoy the outdoors.  We also replaced their gutters, did some major landscaping, and took care of several other repairs while we were there.   

Home Depot provided funding for all the materials, as well as some volunteers to join our own!  All together, 35 volunteers donated 186 hours of labor, and $4,800 was donated by the Home Depot Foundation toward the purchase of materials.  

Also, a Veterans services non-profit called "Vets 2 Vets Funding, LLC" donated $2,000 toward operational costs for the project!

Thank you Volunteers, Home Depot, and Vets 2 Vets!!!

Crew Chiefs: Shawn Mitchell
Project Advocates: Sister Terry Hall, Sister Marcella Parrish, Linda Owen