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Greenway School Fence Project

June in Beaverton, OR 

IMG4457Greenway Elementary School is part of the Beaverton School District, and is home to hundreds of children from the surrounding community.  Principal Renee Caballero, the staff, and the PTO, are a wonderful community of people who are dedicated to their kids. Greenway is a Title 1 school. Title 1 is a federal education program under the "No Child Left Behind Act of 2001," which provides financial assistance to schools with high numbers or high percentages of under-resourced children. 

IMG4456In the past several years, parents and staff have been concerned with a 120-foot gap in the fence surrounding the school's play fields.  The gap has been there since the school was built decades ago, but has become a source of concern in recent years with the increase in crimes involving children and schools.  The gap is adjacent to a public access park area, Fanno Creek Trail, and is very close to a busy arterial street.  For years, Beaverton School District and Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District have been unable to come to an agreement over which organization is responsible to address the issue...and nothing has happened.  This year, the school's exceptional PTO group stepped-up with a detailed proposal, raised funds, and a plan to take care of this security problem on behalf of the kids!  We're delighted to come alongside these dedicated parents to make a solution.

We partnered with Kindred Partners - a Beaverton-based non-profit that connects the City, Schools, and Churches to help vulnerable families - to build the missing section of fence during the month of June.  This was a fantastic project for families with kids, and we had a great time with wonderful volunteers!