Summer Volunteer Projects!

Bartholomew Project
January 18 in Sherwood 


7439608E-DFA1-47D6-9616-0DF23BMs. Bartholomew is a recently divorced mom with three children (ages 10, 12 & 18). She is working about 50-hours each week at two jobs to make ends meet.  Five years ago she and her former husband purchased a home out of bankruptcy that needed a lot of work, and began the remodeling process.  The past few years have been very trying, and some of the projects were left unfinished.  Now she owns the house with its unfinished projects, and does not have the time or financial resources to deal with them.  She contacted us for help, and we were glad to step-in and give her a hand up! 

Grace Chapel Men's Ministry partnered with Catalyst on this project, and they were extra invested because Ms. Bartholomew is part of their church family.  We installed flooring, replaced a door, adjusted several doors & windows, fixed a roof leak, installed missing interior trim around doors and windows, and did several other small projects.  

It was a fantastic day of service with 10 awesome guys from Grace Chapel!