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Loupe Roof
September 6th-10th in N. Portland

IMG2523Mr & Mrs. Loupe’ are in their early 60’s, and have lived in their North Portland home for many years. They both work. In 2004, they started taking care of their adult son, who had begun needing care for symptoms related to Cystic Fibrosis. Following a lung-transplant in 2006, he passed away in September of 2010. During those 6 years, their time & money devoted to taking care of their son and tending to medical issues. They will be paying off medical bills for quite some time. 

In Summer 2012, we provided some much-needed repairs to a badly leaking flat-section of roof, and covered the pitched roof with a giant blue tarp…and pledged to come back in Summer 2013 to finish the job!  Crew Chief Shawn Mitchell and Project Advocates Bruce Ecker & Taft Mitchell headed-up 40 volunteers who donated 280 manhours over 4-days to complete this big project during a crazy September heat-wave!  Now we have a whole new level of respect for pro-roofers!