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Robbins Project
May 2-3, 2015 - in NE Portland

Taft  Ms Robbins1Ms. Robbins is a single 72 year old woman who owns the same charming little NE Portland home that she grew up in.  She has experienced some serious difficulties in life, and is very low income.  Ms. Robbins recently suffered the loss of her left leg, and is adjusting to life with a prosthetic.  She has struggled with keeping her home in order, and has been financially unable to attend to various maintenance & repair needs over the years.  Her home was adopted last year by the Portland Housing Bureau (PHB), and she has been receiving help from volunteer and contracted groups to address her needs and provide her with a safe & healthy living environment.  Case workers from PHB have been working with Ms. Robbins for several months, and they contacted Catalyst to help with this project.  She would like nothing more than to live-out her remaining years in this home, and 36 VOLUNTEERS DONATED 240 HOURS OF LABOR to see that she does.

Project Advocate Taft Mitchell reports: "We did painting, laid down linoleum in two rooms, cleaned, painted, and restocked the kitchen cabinets, took down a large tree, took rotten siding off the side of the garage and replaced it with new T-111, painted the garage, installed a new front door, installed two new security screens, front and back, installed a new handrail to the basement, and built a new side fence and gate to secure the back yard. We actually did more than that, but that gives you the idea. Whoosh!! She was one happy lady!"

Catalyst Leaders:

  • Crew Chiefs: Shawn Mitchell, Troy Hall
  • Advocates: Christy Dirren, Taft Mitchell


  • Portland Housing Bureau
  • Random Act Community