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Niagra Toilet Project  
February 21, 2015 in Newberg, OR 

tnIMG1090I just couldn't give this a normal name like all the rest.  So here's the story...

A single, low-income lady living in an older Newburg home was complaining about a bunch of what she called "black mold" growing on the ceiling of her basement bathroom.  We checked it out, and were quite alarmed at the dark, fuzzy mess that was spreading there.  It was just underneath the upstairs bathroom's toilet....yuk.

Upon demolition, two trusty & stout-hearted volunteers braved the putrid odors to reveal a badly leaking toilet.  One of them went up to flush the upstairs toilet while the other one stayed below to watch.  He described it "like niagra falls", dumping about a liter into the ceiling cavity. Yeah.  

So these two guys spent a long Saturday together, tearing away the badly rotten floor around the upstairs toilet, and making repairs to the ceiling below.  This should have been on Mike Rowe's "Dirty Jobs" TV show for sure.

MAJOR KUDDOS to Crew Chief Doug Woodard and Contractor Rex Yetter (R&D Construction) for their bravery in vanquishing the black mold of Niagra Falls!