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Allan Project in Hillsboro
November 14 - December 5 


tnIMG0625The Allan family lives in a modest Hillsboro home.  Mr. Allan is struggling through a years-long battle with cancer, and has had difficulty holding down a steady job...but they're making it by.  They recently adopted their 5 grandchildren, who are sharing rooms in the small home...2 gradeschool-age girls, 2 teen-age girls, and one 11-year-old boy smack-dab in the middle.  One of the conditions of their adoption was that they would provide for a separate bedroom for the after permit process with the City, we're building-out a 100 square-foot bedroom inside their existing garage.  This is a very special project for a very deserving family!  

tnIMG0633The displayed photos show project advocate McKaila Egan with members of the family, and Crew Chief Doug Woodard.  So far, 40 volunteers have donated 270 hours to make this happen!

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Project Advocate: McKaila Egan
Crew Chief: Doug Woodard
Partnering with a Missional-Community from Sunset: A Jesus Church