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Hanks Project
February 11, 2017 in Oregon City, OR 


166818491015501607602980014177Ms. Hanks has lived alone in her mobile home for many years.  Last year, the owner of the park where she lives resolved to improve appearances and issued "fix-it" notices to several homes.  She was told that she would be evicted unless she completed a fairly long list of repairs within a specified time-frame.  During this time, she suffered significant health challenges, which included time at the hospital and resting at home.  She doesn't have the income to pay someone to do all the work, and was struggling with how to address the problems.  A small team of us met with her, her son, and the park manager to resolve the issue last Fall.  The son committed that he would take care of several of the maintenance issues, and we promised to attend to the repair items at the beginning of 2017.  The manager agreed, and Ms. Hanks was greatly relieved!  

10-12 volunteers returned on Saturday, Feb. 11, on a nice sunny day to complete the following tasks:


  • Pressure washing the home & decks (Thursday, Feb. 9)
  • Repair dry rotted siding & trim on home & shed as needed
  • Paint shed, skirting near the front door, and front door trim, misc.
  • Demoss shed roof
  • Replace carport support posts
  • Misc. other repairs
Special thanks to Project Leaders:
  • Gary Gage - Crew Chief
  • Christy Dirren - Project Advocate