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Coronavirus / COVID-19 Update

(Updated May 22, 2020)
We are mobilizing volunteers from Catalyst Partnerships and Local Churches during this temporary reality when the elderly, disabled and low-income people served by Catalyst will be experiencing even more need than ever.  We are making wellness calls, running essential errands for vulnerable people, and meeting other simple needs that will help them stay healthy and safe in their homes.  

IMG 0135The recent Coronavirus / COVID-19 crisis has had a very detrimental effect to Catalyst's programs and funding.  For the past 13+ years, we have been mobilizing large and small groups of volunteers to carry-out our projects in ways that are not currently safe.  This being said, we are determined to continue serving people.  Our staff and leaders have recently resumed doing projects, following COVID protocols garnered from construction industry examples.  We hope that restrictions will continue to be lifted soon so that we can resume doing larger projects that involve more volunteers; but for the time being we are limited to projects that can be done with a limited crew, following all the appropriate protocols.  To see UPCOMING PROJECTS CLICK HERE.

In addition to this, our annual Spring "Golf Marathon Fundraiser" was postponed.  This annual event produces virtually all of our project funding, so our ability to purchase materials & resources for projects is currently extremely limited.  We have rescheduled the Golf Marathon campaign so that funds can be raised for upcoming projects.  The new date for this vital fundraiser is July 18th.  CLICK HERE FOR GOLF MARATHON INFO.

In light of all these factors, our ability to process new applications and perform projects has been drastically reduced.  We encourage applicants to be patient with us as we endeavor to re-activate our operations as safely, and frugally, as possible.

Stay safe, and God bless you all!
Shawn Mitchell, Executive Director