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Brewer Project
June 21-22 in Milwaukie


48132777512 dc976b6e43 kMs. Brewer is a low-income elderly woman who has owned her Milwaukie mobile home for 14-years. She lives with her 55-year old disabled son.  Her daughter (who lives in Virginia) is her advocate and Power Of Attorney. Some problems with her home’s siding, fascia boards, and flashings, were brought to her attention by the mobile home park; and her daughter reached-out to us for assistance. Overall, the home was in really good shape, but these water-intrusion problems had created considerable rot...and needed to be taken care of ASAP.  

Crew Chief Ryan Kerner joined with volunteers mainly from Tualatin Presbyterian Church, and we did all of the repairs necessary to keep the home safe & dry!

Crew Chief:  Ryan Kerner
Project Advocate:  Russ Carlin