TopGolf Models2019 Golf Marathon

  • April 4 - "Tee-Off Dinner" @ Stockpot Broiler in Beaverton - 6:30-8:00pm

  • May 4 - Day Of Celebration @ Topgolf in Hillsboro - 9:00am-12:30pm




This will be our 9th Annual Golf Marathon Fundraiser!  In the past 8-years, this annual event has raised a grand total of $478,139 to benefit the charitable work of Catalyst.  This has been nothing short of amazing, and has changed the lives of dozens of neighbors in it's a total blast for those of us who get involved!

For example, in last year's event 34 participants raised over $123,000.  These are not ultra-rich people who wrote big checks, but loyal supporters who donated at least $100 themselves and then asked their friends, family, co-workers, and acquaintances to sponsor their efforts to hit 100-balls to raise funds for Catalyst.  All in all, these 34 amazing people garnered tax-deductible donations from 702 individuals, who gave an average of about $175 each.  

Right now, we are putting together our 2019 Catalyst Golf Marathon Team and we want you on it!  WE NEED YOU to participate in a KEY volunteer position.  Each volunteer has a very limited, yet well defined, responsibility. We promise you, this will not take a lot of your time! We need volunteers who will commit to following the instructions of this proven program, raising significant dollars to serve elderly, disabled, and low-income people in our community. You can even win some great prizes.

You can be a Catalyst Golf Marathon Participant. Here is what we are asking you to commit to:

  1. Show up on Saturday, May 4 at 9 am [breakfast buffet included] at Topgolf. You'll be in a team of 4 people in your own climate-controlled bay, and each of you will smash 100 golf balls in 3 hours! It's a lot of fun!
  2. Sponsor yourself for at least $1/ball ($100 total, but can be more)
  3. Commit to raise a minimum $2,500 ($1,000 option for first-timers) from your spheres of influence. This is easy, as people will want to support your commitment to help needy people in our community. This can be done in less than 5 hours, we show you how!

You can also be a Catalyst Golf Marathon Team Captain!  We need 10 Team Captains to accomplish the above 1–2–3 and help put together a team of 4 [including yourself].

We have created a powerful website tool for this campaign, and it is the key to our success. On that site, you enter your sponsor's pledge information and the site will send them details for paying their pledge, a big thank you email, and tax deductible letter. You do not have to collect any monies, just get pledges from those you know - your friends, family, associates, etc.  People give to People. All you have to do is ASK for help in this all-out endeavor for Catalyst Partnerships. 

Don't Golf?  NO PROBLEM...Topgolf is perfect for non-golfers to have a great time!  Topgolf is not a golf course, it’s a new premier golf-entertainment complex that combines the culture & mechanics of golf with the comfort & social connection of bowling.  The climate-controlled environment, awesome brunch-buffet, and unique game-play make it a perfect venue for a wider variety of people who may not otherwise be interested in slugging-away on a soggy & cold Spring morning at a traditional golf course.

Can't Swing a Club, or Can't Be There on May 4?  AGAIN...NO PROBLEM!...You can do the fundraising and have someone else do the golfing! As a non-golfing Participant YOU can still win prizes, and most of all make a BIG difference for Catalyst Partnerships.

To sign up as a “Participant” or a “Team Captain” go to Registration link above and we will get you all the details.

>> Kirsten Williams, Player Captain - EMAIL